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What Are Zucchini Flowers?

//What Are Zucchini Flowers?

What Are Zucchini Flowers?

A zucchini flower is an edible flower that blossoms from a zucchini plant. They are typically found to be a bright yellow color with mixes of white and green within. This amazing flower grows in numerous countries and in many different parts of the world. Zucchini flowers are oddly enough very well known for their great taste whether the flower is cooked or eaten raw. In this article, we will dive into common uses of zucchini flowers, their flavor, and how to prepare them yourself.

Zucchini Flowers in Italy

 In Italy, Zucchini flowers are a large part of springtime and summer cuisine. Almost every home in Italy will have some kind of zucchini flower awaiting them. They are so popular in Italy because of their delicious taste and texture. In Italy, Zucchini flowers are typically filled with meat and ricotta cheese and then fried for deliciousness. The crispy exterior complements the amazing flavor hidden within the flower. Its one-of-a-kind flavor makes zucchini flowers an absolute staple in Italian cuisine and in Italian households. 

What Do Zucchini Flowers Taste Like

Zucchini flowers have a very delicate and mild flavor profile that resembles the taste of normal squash or zucchini. Some even say the taste of the flower has a slightly sweeter taste than the zucchini itself. Most people agree that the stem of the zucchini flower is the best part to eat based on taste and texture. The texture of a zucchini flower is very delicate with the feeling of soft velvet. However, the stem portion of the flower is stronger and holds a crunchy texture.

Delicious Zucchini Flower Dishes

Zucchini flowers can be prepared and eaten in all sorts of ways depending on your preferences. You can even eat the flower raw if you’re looking for a more pure taste. That being said the most common way to consume zucchini flowers is fried. Most people fry their flowers or even stuff them first with all kinds of ingredients that they love. Firstly, grab the ingredients you want to stuff then roll them into the flowers and simply fry them for better enjoyment. Frying the flowers gives them a very crispy and delicious exterior that will make anyone’s mouth water. You don’t always have to stuff the flowers either you can just directly batter and fry the flower itself to still experience a delicious treat.

Try the Best Zucchini Flowers in Boston Today

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