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Why Are Eggplants So Commonly Used?

//Why Are Eggplants So Commonly Used?

Why Are Eggplants So Commonly Used?

Eggplant is a very popular fruit that can be found in many elegant dishes or intricate cuisines. Whether it is implemented into the dish as an ingredient or garnish, eggplant certainly finds its way into numerous types of dishes. The main question is why? Why do we use eggplants so much rather than another type of fruit or vegetable variation? This article is meant to answer that question and show the reasoning behind eggplants’ wide use in the food industry.

Versatility of Eggplants

A big reason for eggplants’ popularity has to do with its incredible versatility. There are seemingly endless ways to cook and prepare eggplants It can be grilled, roasted, sautéed, fried, baked, or even steamed. Because eggplants can be cooked in so many different ways it means that they can also be utilized in many different dishes and recipes. Regardless if you are making a main course, side dish, or appetizer, you can find a way to cook eggplant to complement your dish further.

Eggplants Mild Flavor

Because of its mild and neutral flavor profile, eggplant is great for absorbing all kinds of flavor profiles from other ingredients. Eggplants are also amazing at absorbing flavors that come from sauces and marinades. Adding eggplant to a dish can help enhance the current flavors that are already present. Giving the dish a more complex and bold flavor. No matter the flavor you want to stand out most in the dish adding eggplants can ensure better results.

Textural Variety of Eggplants

Depending on how it is cooked, eggplant can have a variety of textures ranging from tender and creamy to firm and meaty. When cooked properly, eggplant develops a smooth texture that melts in your mouth. This makes eggplants a satisfying ingredient texturally when being added to new dishes. Simply cook the eggplant how you want in order to obtain your desired texture. This means you can use eggplants in all kinds of dishes regardless if the dish is considered to be heavy or light dish.

Eggplants at Assaggio

As you can see the main reason for eggplant utilization in so many dishes is its overall versatility. Not only can it be cooked in numerous ways to give off different types of textures but it also enhances current flavors in a dish. If you’re looking to try a delicious dish that is complemented by eggplant then visit Assaggio. We have a large variety of dishes that use eggplants to further enhance their bold and rich flavors! Reserve a table with us today!

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