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What Dishes Use Ricotta Cheese?

//What Dishes Use Ricotta Cheese?

What Dishes Use Ricotta Cheese?

One of the most versatile cheeses you can eat is Ricotta cheese. It has a delicious tangy and sweet taste like no other cheese around. Ricotta cheese is very smooth and easy to spread onto any dish of your choosing. In this article, we will be diving into the versatility of Ricotta cheese and why it is used in so many different dishes. This cheese can truly enhance any type of meal regardless if it is sweet or savory.

Italian Pasta Dishes

Ricotta cheese originated in Italy therefore it’s not a surprise that Italian pasta dishes make an amazing combination. Its delicious and unique flavor profile allows it to make one-of-a-kind pasta dishes. Some of the most known are lasagna and ravioli. These two dishes are well known for their amazingly sweet yet cheesy taste. They are unique forms of pasta that never leave your tastebuds feeling disappointed!

Sandwhiches & Wraps

When it comes to sandwiches and wraps there are practically no limits. There are so many different types of sandwiches and wraps to choose from. Regardless of what type of sandwich or wrap you choose, ricotta cheese can make a great addition to its flavor. Rather than using mayo for your sandwich or wrap, you can try ricotta cheese and get some added protein in your meal. While adding a delicious taste that mayo can simply not compete with. Next time you order a sandwich or wrap make sure to try it with ricotta cheese for an enhanced experience.


When we think of cheese one of the last options that comes to mind is dessert. However, many delicious Italian desserts utilize ricotta cheese to enhance its flavor drastically. Some examples of these desserts include cannolis, cheesecakes, pound cakes, and puff pastries. Ricotta is more than just a simple topping for savory dishes, it has superior versatility that allows it to even become a delicious dessert!


You can consume ricotta cheese during every meal of the day if that’s what you wish for! Not only is ricotta great for desserts it’s also perfect for breakfast dishes. You can add ricotta to omelets, pancakes, and more to make your meal that much more delicious. Ricotta will add a sweet and creamy taste that’ll make your breakfast even more enjoyable than before.

Try The Freshest Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese tastes even better when it is fresh from Italy. Therefore, if you want the best-tasting ricotta cheese in Boston then visit Assaggio today. We have a wide array of Italian food dishes to suit your palette on our menu! Reserve a table with Assaggio today and you won’t regret it!

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