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All About Souffle’s

//All About Souffle’s

All About Souffle’s

If you ever get bored of normal and boring desserts such as brownies or cupcakes then we recommend trying a souffle. They are different from more commonly eaten desserts at restaurants but also have a delicious taste. You can never go wrong with ordering one for the table especially if you haven’t tried one before. This article will go into great detail about souffles and why we love them so much as a dessert.

How Souffles Are Made

The first known time a souffle was baked was in France back in the 1800s by the chef Marie-Antoine Carême. But, don’t let its old age confuse you, souffles have only grown in variety and taste throughout the years. This French delicacy is made by combining beaten egg whites with a delicious foundation of your choosing. The souffle is then baked in the oven which causes the dessert to rise over the top of the dish. This occurs because the air bubbles within the egg whites begin to puff up during the baking process. This puffed-up appearance has become the signature of the souffle throughout centuries of its existence. You can make all kinds of souffles to satisfy your taste buds, it all comes down to the preferred foundation and toppings of your choosing.

How You Can Customize a Souffle

There are numerous ways to customize your souffle and it all depends on your flavor palette. You can make a souffle savory or sweet allowing it to be eaten at nearly any time of day. You can create a fruity souffle that holds your favorite flavors such as passionfruit, peach, strawberry, and more. You can even make chocolate souffles that are sweet, creamy, and gooey. Some individuals even make cheese or vegetable souffles for a savory and fluffy dessert for lunch occasions. Soufflees are genuinely a one-of-a-kind dessert that you can have full control over. Making it perfect when deciding on your next sweet treat to try.

Where to Eat a Souffle

Many restaurants make a wide assortment of souffles, however, one of our favorites is the chocolate souffle. A great place to try a chocolate souffle is Assaggio in Boston’s North End. They have a wide array of food items on the menu and a delicious chocolate souffle that will make your taste buds happy you visited. Reserve a table with Assaggio today or call for more information!

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