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All About Brigante Cheese

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All About Brigante Cheese

Everyone loves good cheese, and there’s nothing more comforting than a beloved childhood dish made fresh with one of the best cheeses in the world. Fine cheese, like Brigante cheeses, are appreciated by foodies everywhere. Brigante cheese, the pride of Sardinia, makes Italian classics like lasagna and ravioli flavorful, warm, and comforting. The best pasta is simple but made from the highest quality ingredients, like Brigante cheese. 

If you love a creamy mild cheese that is just as much at home on a charcuterie board as it is melting over your favorite dishes, you will love Brigante cheese. Brigante cheese comes from Sardinia, where it’s a staple food. 

What Is Brigante Cheese?

This cheese is made from the milk of young sheep and aged for 20-30 days. The maker, Pinna, presses the young sheep’s milk cheese curds with a woven pattern in honor of the ancient shepherds in Sardinia who made pecorinos by pressing them into baskets. After it matures, Brigante cheese is wrapped in a beige rind that is not edible to protect it from mold. 

By the time the cheese gets to market inside the rind, it’s springy and light. Brigante is a delicate and mild cheese that is perfect for snacking, melting, or pairing with wine and other light cheeses on a dessert cheese board. It’s got a milky aroma, and the sheep’s milk has a very mild, almost lemony flavor, so it’s a cheese popular with young and old alike. Brigante cheese also has a truffle-like richness that makes it perfect for making comfort dishes like macaroni and cheese. 

Brigante Cheese Makes The Perfect Pairing

Serve Brigante cheese on a charcuterie board with a fruity red wine at your next dinner party or serve it with crackers or bread for a light snack. You can also add pizzazz to a sandwich by putting Brigante cheese with light meat like turkey or chicken. The creaminess of the Brigante and the slightly nutty truffle taste add flavor to salads and make the perfect addition to lasagna and other baked pasta. But where Brigante cheese really shines is in ravioli. 

The Secret To Perfect Ravioli Is Brigante Cheese From Assaggio

Assaggio is known for having the creamiest and most satisfying ravioli. That’s because they use Brigante cheese and fresh pasta to make ravioli. The quick-aged Brigante melts into bubbling creaminess inside pillowy ravioli. Dressed with herbs and a simple sauce, this ravioli is the kind of comfort food that people dream about. Whether you’re celebrating a special event, enjoying dinner with friends or family, or just craving some satisfying comfort food, Assaggio’s Brigante cheese ravioli is always a hit. Make a reservation today to try it for yourself!

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