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Cognac vs. Grappa

//Cognac vs. Grappa

Cognac vs. Grappa

If there’s one craft that Italy is revered for (other than its fantastic cuisine options), it’s the wide variety of wine, cocktails, and liquor available! Their efforts have given way to some of the most noteworthy and iconic cocktails in the world! While some of these drinks may sound similar on the surface, they have far more differences than meets the eye. Cognac and grappa are two fantastic examples of this; while they may look indistinguishable at first glance, there are actually a variety of things that set them apart. We’ll go over the most noteworthy differences between cognac and grappa below!

Location of Origin

If you went up to an Italian person and tried to ask them about the history of cognac in their country, they would likely be pretty confused. This is where the first difference between the two beverages comes into play – cognac isn’t actually made in Italy at all! Unlike grappa, cognac comes from the Cognac region of France, hence its name. Grappa traces its origins – and most of its production – back to Italy. So while the two alcoholic beverages are types of brandy, they don’t come from the same place!

Means of Production

Grappa and cognac both have different standards that define their production. It starts from the very ingredients that they’re made from – cognac is only made with a few specified grapes. If it doesn’t fall into that category, it’s not cognac! Cognac grapes are also aged for a few years before they can be officially prepared. Grappa, on the other hand, doesn’t utilize a full grape at all! Instead, it’s made from a substance called pomace – which is all of the leftover product from wine production. This includes all of the grape stems, seeds, and other byproducts.


Even though grappa and cognac are two different types of brandy, they vary greatly in the flavors they produce! Cognac is known for being a much sweeter type of brandy – largely in part due to the aging process the grapes undergo beforehand. It’s also a lot smoother as a result; some people will recognize hints of oakiness or a caramel-like flavor. Grappa, on the other hand, has a much fruitier flavor and a stronger alcoholic content than its French counterpart. Make sure you don’t mix the two up when you go to order, because you may get an entirely different result!

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