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A Walk Through Italy via The Best Wines

//A Walk Through Italy via The Best Wines

A Walk Through Italy via The Best Wines

If you were to ask a group of people what they thought the world’s best cuisine was, we’re willing to bet that many of them would point to Italy! Italians have a way of perfecting every single part of their craft. We’ve previously gone over how Italian meats and Italian cheeses have managed to stand out from their competitors, but we haven’t divulged into the beverage side of the equation! As you may have expected, Italian wines have risen to prominence over the years. Many regions with sprawling vineyards have given way to some of the world’s most coveted wines. We’ll give you a guide to the most significant ones below!


If you’ve ever seen the movie Silence of the Lambs, you’ll likely have heard of this wine, thanks to an infamous line delivered by Hannibal Lecter. This movie isn’t the only reason why chianti is a coveted wine, however. As is custom with a lot of Italian-based recipes, chianti wine is named for the Chianti region in Tuscany. The type of grapes used in this wine recipe have been altered and modified for centuries, but all of them come from this region. Chianti is a dry red wine that many describe as having a taste reminiscent of many popular red fruits. You can also get a hint of smokiness from this wine!


One of the most famous wines around the world is also one of Italy’s oldest creations. Prosecco wine dates back to the sixteenth century and is unsurprisingly named after the village of Prosecco in the Veneto region. It’s an Italian white wine that boasts striking similarities to champagne, but it can’t quite be called champagne. The difference between the two wines is strictly based on where the grapes are grown – champagne grapes come from France, while Prosecco grapes come from Italy. Prosecco is a light, fruity wine that serves as the centerpiece for many fancy cocktail recipes.


It should go without saying that the biggest wine region in Italy is known for producing some of the country’s most influential wines! Marsala wine is another big beverage that stands apart by having a wider variety of uses. It’s a fortified wine that is often used in cooking to create various sauces, but it’s also a great wine for drinking! Marsala wine comes in three distinct colors: amber, gold, and ruby. The hues depend on what grapes are used in its creation – both red and white grapes are used to produce it!

The Most Delicious Italian Wines & Cuisines at Assaggio

You can find both prosecco and chianti in addition to a wide variety of fantastic wine options when you dine at Assaggio! We aim to perfect every part of the Italian dining experience, which is why we make our cuisines just as noteworthy as the drinks they come with. See what makes our Italian dining experience so complete by making a reservation with us today! 

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