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A Walk Through Italy Via The Best Meats

//A Walk Through Italy Via The Best Meats

A Walk Through Italy Via The Best Meats

If you were to ask someone who visited Italy what the best part of the country was, they’d likely have a few varying answers. The fantastic scenery and vast selection of delicious wines are just two of the most prominent things to come to mind. However, one aspect of Italy trumps them all, and that’s their fantastic selection of food! Using homegrown ingredients and a wide variety of unique recipes, Italian cuisine has evolved into arguably the most popular cuisine in the world. A big part of its claim to fame is its vast selection of different meats. We’ll walk you through some of the best types of meat in Italian cuisine below!


Anyone who has ever eaten a sub sandwich or a charcuterie board before has already heard of this! Prosciutto is one of the most popular staples of both of these food items. It undergoes a massive curing process that practically eliminates the need for cooking it, boosting its salty and savory flavor. It comes from the hind legs of boars or hogs, and specific types of prosciutto are linked to different regions.


Guanciale is a staple of risotto and pasta dishes around the world! Like prosciutto, it goes through the curing process to emphasize its flavor. It comes from the cheekbones of a pig and is known for being more flavorful than meats like pancetta and ham. Besides the fact that its a commonly used ingredient in risotto recipes, guanciale shines in dishes like spaghetti alla carbonara and pasta all amatriciana. 


Would it be a list of Italy’s best meats without including arguably the most popular Italian meat in the world? Pepperoni is known best for its classic addition to any pizza and is still widely considered one of the best toppings for it. Pepperoni is commonly used in sandwiches as well, as its smoky taste makes a far less salty substitute for meats like prosciutto.


Known commonly as the “poor man’s salami”, soppressata is made from the products left over after creating salami. While the nickname works, it in no way detracts from Soppressata’s great taste! It works well on charcuterie boards and sub sandwiches, as well as being a substitute for other meats in various pasta recipes.

Delicious Italian Meats at Assaggio

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