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What Makes Malfy Gin Stand Out?

//What Makes Malfy Gin Stand Out?

What Makes Malfy Gin Stand Out?

Malfy Gin is a Super-Premium brand of Italian gin distilled by Torino Distillati and distributed by Pernod Ricard, a French company that acquired the company in 2019. The Malfy Gin is inspired by the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Italy’s most scenic and iconic coastal shorelines. The gin is made from ingredients sourced from the region surrounding Moncalieri, the town where the Torino Distillati is located. The Malfy Gin’s taste makes it stand out from its competitors in the market to become a world-renowned gin. It ensures a smooth balance of sweet and zesty flavors to produce a distinct coast that is very characteristic of the Amalfi Coast. The drink has an ABV of 41% for all its variants except the South African ones, with an ABV of 43%. It comes in four variants: Malfy con Limone, Malfy con Gin Rosa, Malfy con Arancia, and Malfy Originale.

How is the Malfy Gin Made?

The distillation process is one of the reasons why Malfy Gin stands out from its competitors. The ingredients are handpicked, including juniper berries, Italian lemons, Sicilian Pink Grapefruits, Sicilian Blood oranges, and other botanical ingredients. It is then vacuum distilled in traditional copper alembic stills to produce a smooth, fresh, and distinctly flavorful finish that makes it unique. The vacuum distillation process doesn’t just maintain the freshness and flavor of the gin but also guarantees that it doesn’t have a shelf life.

How Does Malfy Gin Taste?

The juniper flavor is the most pronounced flavor in the Malfy Gin. However, it is balanced so well through the distillation process that it is not overwhelming. Instead, you also get a subtle tartness from the citrus fruits, which is further accentuated by bright and floral spice notes from botanicals such as ginger and coriander. Ultimately, the flavor is fruity and vibrant but well-balanced between the sweet and bitter notes, perfectly representing the Amalfi Coast’s taste.

How Should You Enjoy The Malfy Gin?

The great thing about the Malfy Gin is that it can be a standalone drink or part of a cocktail and still maintain its unique flavor. The ABV of Malfy Gin is 41%, making it strong enough to be part of a cocktail without being diluted by other drinks. You can also drink it chilled over ice or mixed with a tonic since it makes an ideal standalone drink for gin lovers.

The Bottomline

Malfy Gin is a flavorful and vibrant gin that combines different fruits and botanicals to bring out a unique depth of flavor that is reminiscent of Italy’s coast. It is distributed across the world and has grown into a world-renowned brand of gin that purists and cocktail lovers alike love. Make a reservation at Assaggio today to experience it and our wonderful Italian cuisine options!

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