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What’s The Best Region To Travel To In Italy?

//What’s The Best Region To Travel To In Italy?

What’s The Best Region To Travel To In Italy?

Italy is one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in Europe. It’s not surprising that it has become a bucket list destination for many people. While it sounds exciting to go to a place like Italy, knowing about the area will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Italy has many regions which are defined by their food and scenery. But what other elements make them worth traveling to? 

In this article, we showcase some of our most recommended destinations in Italy and what makes them so worthwhile.

The Best Regions To Travel To In Italy


When traveling, most people’s priority is a place with relaxing scenery and fun learning experiences. Campania is one of those places. Located in Southern Italy and with a spectacular coastline, Campania captures a great part of what Italy has to offer. It also offers you exciting learning experiences as it is rich in ancient history and culture while being  home to prehistoric ruins.


This region is located North of Italy and is considered one of the most affluent regions in Italy. When visiting, you’ll see that it contains many facilities and areas that scream luxury. For example, it has stunning lakeside villas and palaces that will give you a fill of most of the beauties of Italy. These lakes are great spots for tourists who love to sail or ski. Moreover, Lombardy is an amazing place to visit if you’re into fashion: Lombardy’s capital, Milan, is the center of one of the most important fashion weeks in the world, ‘The Milan Fashion Week.’


For tourism purposes, Tuscany is one of the best areas in Italy to visit. It has a legendary art scene, cuisines that sell healthy food, and picture-perfect countryside. Above all, it is regarded as the origin of the Italian Renaissance and houses most of the famous Italian art like the Duomo and Michelangelo David’s statue.


Sicily is one of the largest islands in Italy and is especially beautiful to travel to between October and March. It gives you an amazing country side feeling with its extraordinary food and wine tradition. It also has some of the best sights in Italy, like Palermo with its grand palaces and Mount Etna – Europe’s tallest active volcano.


Although the prospect of going to Italy without any knowledge of the place is exciting, it’s still best to get a feel of the place beforehand. Italy has specific areas that suit all your reasons for traveling, whether it’s the food, scenery, or fun activities. Some of these areas include Campania, Tuscany, and Lombardy. You can also get an authentic Italian dining experience without the international flight fares when you dine at Assaggio. Make a reservation with us in the North End today to see for yourself!

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