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What Makes Italian Fontina Cheese Superior?

//What Makes Italian Fontina Cheese Superior?

What Makes Italian Fontina Cheese Superior?

There are a few staples of Italian cooking that are more well-known than others. Pasta is an obvious example of this trend, but there’s a dairy product that may rival pasta’s popularity: cheese! Italian cuisine is famous for a lot of unique types of cheese. Fontina cheese is a cheese that has many variations across the world in France, Sweden, Denmark and the United States to name a few. When it comes to the variations of Fontina cheese, however, Italian Fontina cheese is by far the best one. So, what exactly separates Italian Fontina cheese from its geographical counterparts? We break it down for you below!

Italy Is Its Origin Country

As we previously mentioned, fontina cheese is produced in more than a few countries around the world. However, only one country can truly claim it as the true creator, and that country is Italy! It is rumored to have started production in the late 1400s, but the exact date of origin is unknown. The region is known, however – it was produced in the Aosta valley, known for many recipes that utilize the cheese with other homegrown ingredients. It may be produced in other countries, but none are quite like Italy’s version!

Its Flavor

The reason that some versions of food are more popular than others largely has to do with how they taste. Some variations have flavors that are just tastier than others, and Italian fontina cheese is no exception to the rule! It’s a cheese that is as creamy as it is rich in flavor while containing hints of nutty flavor and honey. Much of that flavor has to do with the grasslands surrounding the Aosta valley, with the lush greenery making a perfect environment for cultivating this cheese.

Its Uses

Italian fontina cheese is incredibly flexible in terms of where it can be used. It’s a great addition to any charcuterie board, as it pairs well with things like crackers and Italian prosciutto. There are certain Italian recipes that utilize this cheese well – it can be a worthwhile substitute in fondue dishes, and it’s also a big staple of a special Italian fondue called Fonduta alla valdostana. It pairs well with many Italian meats as well, making it an obvious choice if you’re looking for a sandwich cheese.

Italian Fontina Cheese at Assaggio

Speaking of recipes, there’s a big one we forgot to mention – the veal chop on our menu! Assaggio is home to a variety of Italian dishes that put special emphasis on flavor, and our Italian fontina cheese is just one of the many ways that we make your taste buds happy. To experience these mouthwatering flavors for yourself, make a reservation with us today!

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