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How Is Cognac Made?

//How Is Cognac Made?

How Is Cognac Made?

When you think of the best types of hard alcohol out there, what comes to mind? You’ll likely think of drinks like vodka, whiskey, and gin. Another popular type of alcohol that will usually get brought up is cognac – but did you know that it isn’t actually classified as hard alcohol? Cognac is actually considered to be a type of brandy, which can easily be mistaken for a hard alcoholic beverage at first glance. However, the secret to what makes it different from the others lies in the way it’s prepared. We show you how cognac is made below!

It Starts With Grapes

Cognac isn’t classified as a hard alcoholic beverage; instead, it’s known as a spirit. Many of the steps that are involved in the wine-making process can also apply to this type of brandy, which helps it to get its status! In order for brandy to be classified as a cognac, however, the types of grapes used are very limited. These grapes are the only ones you can use to make a legitimate cognac:


  • Ungi Black
  • Folignan
  • Blanc Rame
  • Select
  • Montils
  • Semilion


These grapes are aged in a similar manner to the wine-making process.

The Aging Process

Making cognac isn’t a speedy process! The next step to get it to cognac status is to age the grapes. Typically, these grapes would be aged for around two years in oak barrels. Many different types of wine seem to taste better the longer they are aged. With that being said, is the same true for cognac? The answer is actually no! After a certain point in aging, your product will get worse the longer it stays there. This is because of evaporation – while this is a slow process, it can suck out the alcohol and water content the longer it ages. This is why two years is the baseline standard for cognac.


In a normal wine or brandy-making process, there wouldn’t be any additional steps to take. With cognac, however, there is one additional step! This is the process of blending, where multiple different distilled spirits are combined to make the base cognac. The differences in these solutions are solely based on their age, and the reason for this process is to give the brandy a more complex flavor palette. This is why cognac tastes different from other types of brandy!

Cognac at Assaggio

If you’re looking to see what makes cognac such a beloved spirit, Assaggio will help you find the answers! Our cognac pairs perfectly with our vast selection of Italian cuisine staples and other spirits. The North End is renowned for its Italian food, and Assaggio plays a big role in that notoriety! To try out cognac and its impressive flavors for yourself, make a reservation with us today!

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