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What Are Flageolet Beans?

//What Are Flageolet Beans?

What Are Flageolet Beans?

Have you ever noticed how certain types of a singular food just taste better than others? This phenomenon isn’t new; it’s led to some of the most famous cuisines out there. Italian cuisine is no different, especially when it comes to ingredients that are homegrown. However, this isn’t to say that it doesn’t borrow foods from other countries! Flageolet beans are a great example of this, but what exactly are they? We break down these beans and what makes them so significant below!

Where Flageolet Beans Come From

Flageolet beans, as you might have guessed, aren’t from Italy at all. They get their origins from France initially, but are commonly grown in California today. Flageolet beans are kidney-shaped beans that are green in color and tender in texture. They typically get plucked before they’re fully mature in order to gain such a status and come in a variety of different types. While you may see a lot of these beans around, don’t mistake that for them being a common bean – in fact, they’re one of the rarer types of beans out there!

Uses in Cuisines

As a whole, beans have a wide variety of uses in cuisines. However, many beans are relegated to very specific dishes thanks to their flavor, price, and location. Flageolet beans are one of the few beans that don’t have this problem! Their rich and creamy flavor and texture helps them to complement a wide variety of different meats, such as lamb, chicken, and many types of fish. You can also find them commonly in salads and stews as well as a few noteworthy French dishes.

Flageolet Beans vs. White Beans

With so many different types of kidney beans out there, it is easy to get them mixed up! Flageolet beans are often mistaken for another section of beans called white beans, of which there are more than a few variants. While they are both mild and creamy in flavor, they differ in texture and where they are used in cooking. White beans are more commonly used in several Italian dishes, while flageolet beans are reserved for meats and French cuisines. Flageolet beans can be white, but white beans can’t be green!

Flageolet Beans at Assaggio

If you’re looking to try out the rare flageolet bean for yourself, Assaggio has the perfect dish for you! We serve it as a part of our Salmone Arrosto dish! In addition to this tasty morsel, we carry a wide variety of Italian cuisines that are made to perfection every time. To experience these delights for yourself, make a reservation with us today!

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