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Beginner’s Guide To Finding Your Favorite Wine

//Beginner’s Guide To Finding Your Favorite Wine

Beginner’s Guide To Finding Your Favorite Wine

Have you ever wanted to get into drinking wine? There are plenty of reasons to hop aboard the wine train. There are so many different flavors, styles, and unique perks that come with drinking wine! However, the one drawback is that not every wine will appeal to every person. There’s a lot of trial and error that’s involved in finding your favorite wine – but there also doesn’t have to be! We’ll help you eliminate the trial and error by giving you tips on finding your favorite wine below!

Reflect On The Flavors You Enjoy

Finding out what kind of wine would be best for your tastes first involves examining your own palette. Think about the flavors that you enjoy the most when you’re selecting your cuisines. Are you going to prefer a flavor that is sweeter, or something that is a little more bitter? Both of these things are going to help you determine your flavor profile for your favorite wine. Also think of things like what kinds of juices you like, how you take your coffee, and what fruits and vegetables you prefer over others. The more specific you are, the closer you can get to your goal!

Try The Basic Flavors

If you’re having trouble deciphering your flavor profile, don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways that you can narrow down your wine selection. If you want to go into the process in cold turkey mode to see what you like, a good way to start with that is to try the most basic flavors. Many studies have shown that people tend to gravitate toward sweeter wines like rose at first before they venture on to more bitter and experimental flavors. If this sounds like a route you want to take, start with a simple rose and move forward from there.

Look For Taste Indicators

There are a few ways to tell what a wine is going to taste like before you ever leave the liquor store. Not every wine will have an indicator of the flavor profile somewhere on the label, but you should be on the lookout for ones that do. They will be able to tell you the flavor profile of a wine before you even pay for it, so this is an excellent practice to have if you have a good understanding of what tastes you like. If it doesn’t have any indicators, it may be time to look at another bottle!

Wine at Assaggio

If you’re looking for a diverse profile of wines to satisfy your palette, look no further than Assaggio! We specialize in a variety of Italian cuisines that pair perfectly with our aged red and white wine. We even have a selection of rose for those who are just starting their wine journey! If you need help picking your favorite wine, let Assaggio help by making a reservation with us today!

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