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Why Provolone del Monaco Is A Superior Cheese

//Why Provolone del Monaco Is A Superior Cheese

Why Provolone del Monaco Is A Superior Cheese

Do you know what all the different food groups and types of cuisine in the world have in common? There’s always one type of it that reigns supreme above the others! This is true for pretty much every type of food you can name. When it comes to cheese, this statement is no different. There are a few different types of cheese that are a cut above the others in production, and provolone del monaco is a shining example of this. But, what makes provolone del monaco stand out amongst its competition? We break down the most important points to note below!

The Area It’s Produced In

Italy is a country that is known for its unique flavors and ingredients. There are many Italian cuisines out there that are specifically defined by the region that their ingredients come from! If you’ve ever wondered why provolone del monaco has the name that it has, look closely at the second half of its name. It gives away what region of Italy that this cheese is produced in: Campania! All provolone del monaco comes from the Campania region, which is one of the requirements for it to be officially recognized as such.

The Type of Cow

It should be a well known fact by now that cows are responsible for much of the dairy production of the world. Like the different types of food that we mentioned previously, there are certain cows that are better for this purpose than others. Provolone del monaco is made from a cow called the Agerolese cow. This cattle is an endangered species in the Mediterranean that is most noteworthy for producing little milk. The area this cow grows up in is important to the cheese’s flavor, as the herbs of the Mediterranean are rich in the grass that these cows consume. They play a big role in the cheese’s flavor!

Its Unique Flavor

When you think of most other types of cheese, it’s likely that there’s only one distinctive quality of the flavor of them. Provolone del monaco turns this norm on its head with its unique and distinctive flavor! It is best described as a buttery and sweet cheese while also having hints of nuttiness, sharpness, saltiness, and even spiciness! It takes all of the greatest flavor qualities of cheese and combines them into one unique package. It’s a big part of the reason why consumers prefer provolone del monaco to other cheeses!

Provolone del Monaco at Assaggio

If you’ve ever wanted to try this superior cheese for yourself, Assaggio can help you satisfy your cravings! We serve a wide variety of Italian cuisines that include the finest cheeses, meats, and sauces from around the world. For flavors that excel and dishes you’ll want to order twice, make a reservation with us today!

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