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What Is Grappa?

What Is Grappa?

The world of Italian cuisine isn’t just limited to the foods that show up on a traditional menu! Italian cuisine is complex, with plenty of different methods of cooking and ingredients to explore. This also includes the different cocktails and other alcoholic beverages throughout the country. If you’ve looked on our drink menu before, you’ll likely have seen a good example of this in our grappa. But, what exactly is this drink? We explain everything you need to know about grappa below!

What Kind of Alcoholic Beverage Is It?

Believe it or not, this is a question that isn’t easily answered! Grappa falls into a category of alcoholic beverages known in Italy as pomace brandy. This is a subset of brandy that is prepared differently from most other types. There are actually strict rules that help to define grappa, and if these rules aren’t met, you can’t sell it as such! As you might have expected, grappa is a drink of Italian origin that gained popularity worldwide over time.

Defining Pomace Brandy

The next question to answer about grappa is this: how differently is it prepared from other types of brandy? The answer lies within the makeup of this beverage. Pomace brandy is made from the leftover parts of grapes after they’re used for winemaking, hence the name “pomace”. Other types of brandy are made with aged wine that uses the base parts of the grape. Grappa is made from aged pomace brandy, which is how it gets its distinctive qualities.

The Rules of Grappa

You’re probably wondering why what is defined as grappa is so strictly enforced. This is because the name Grappa has been officially recognized – and given strict protections by – the European Union! In order for an alcoholic beverage to gain permissions to identify as grappa, it must meet all three of the following criteria:


  1. It must be produced in one of the following three areas
    1. Anywhere in Italy
    2. The Italian part of Switzerland
    3. San Marino
  2. It must be produced from pomace
  3. No added water: fermentation must happen on the pomace


As long as your grappa meets this criteria, it’s deserving of its title and status!

Grappa at Assaggio

If you’re looking for high quality grappa from a fantastic Italian establishment, look no further than Assaggio! Our North End roots should tell you everything about the quality of our food, as we aim for it to be as fantastic as the authentic Italian ambiance that we provide. To experience delicious Italian cuisines and cocktails, make a reservation with us today!

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