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Tips On Making The Perfect Cannoli

//Tips On Making The Perfect Cannoli

Tips On Making The Perfect Cannoli

We’ve gone to great lengths to showcase how Italian cuisine is one of the biggest and most diverse cuisines in the world. This is true for all courses of the meal – including dessert! There are a few Italian specialties that can be tricky to make on your own, and this statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to cannolis. If you’ve ever tried your hand at making them before, you’ll realize it’s not that easy! We’ll give you some tips and tricks to perfect your cannoli making below!

Fresh Shells = Good Shells

The structure of a cannoli will make a world of difference as to how it tastes! Depending on how quickly you’re going to serve your cannolis after you make them, keeping the shells fresh is of utmost importance. If you aren’t serving them for a few days, consider placing the shells in the freezer until then. This will help to ensure that they’re fresh and ready to consume once it reaches that time. If the wait is just a few hours, the shells can also thrive at room temperature. Only when the timeframe gets longer should you consider freezing them.

Don’t Fill Them Until Just Before Serving

Think about the structure of a good sandwich and what factors could compromise it. If you let it get too soggy, it falls apart and the taste gets ruined! The same is true for a good cannoli. For the best taste and structure from your treats, don’t pump the shells with their filling until just before you’re about to serve them. If you leave the filling for too long (without putting it in the refrigerator), it could result in a similar fate for your cannolis! Prevent this issue by filling them just before you serve and freezing the ones you don’t have.

Drain Your Filling First

Depending on what flavor of cannoli you’re making, the filling will likely contain some sort of ricotta, which tends to be a little watery. Before you construct your filling, take some time to drain the ricotta out. Doing so will help to keep your filling smooth and solid without getting any excess liquid on your shells. The name of the game is to prevent them from getting soggy, and this is a great way of doing so!

Cannolis at Assaggio

We completely understand if these desserts aren’t what you want to make yourself! If you’re looking for a fantastic cannoli and all the other Italian delights without any of the prep work, come to Assaggio today! We specialize in a wide variety of Italian cuisine staples that are among the best and most flavorful in the North End. To see for yourself, click here to make a reservation with us!

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