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The Key Elements of A Successful Cocktail

//The Key Elements of A Successful Cocktail

The Key Elements of A Successful Cocktail

You can’t just throw a bunch of random ingredients into a recipe and expect it to be successful! The best recipes put time and thought into each ingredient, making sure they blend together seamlessly for the ultimate treat. Cocktails follow a similar model when it comes to creating their recipes. Once again, you can’t just wing it on the fly! There are a few key rules that you should follow when thinking about creating the perfect cocktail. We’ll highlight what makes the best cocktails so successful below!

Start With The Alcohol

While this might sound a little bit obvious and silly, cocktail makers around the world will tell you that creating a great cocktail starts with the alcohol you want to include! This isn’t necessarily for the flavor of the alcohol itself – you can determine that pretty easily! The base alcohol you include with your cocktail will help you to determine what can be included with it. Different types of alcohol pair better with different juices, garnishes, and other types of alcohol. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll pick your base carefully depending on what you include.

Ice: Runner Up In Importance

It’s all about the little details! Ice is actually considered by many bartenders to be the second most important aspect of a cocktail. As you should expect, this isn’t in regards to the flavor of the ice, but it’s ability to absorb alcohol instead. It helps to drive out the burn of the alcohol and lead to a much tastier cocktail, which is why you should always try to find high quality ice. Lower quality ice won’t be as effective at dumbing down the alcohol, which could result in your drink tasting like a shot!

Keep It Simple

Don’t go overboard on mixers and garnishes! If you can find a simple combination of ingredients that you think your guests will like, that is likely the best plan of attack. Trying to blend too many different elements together could result in a wacky-tasting drink that doesn’t pass as a hit. Try to make sure that everything you add has a similar flavor profile – there’s a reason why the most successful cocktails out there follow that model!

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