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All About Tagliolini

//All About Tagliolini

All About Tagliolini

One of the most interesting things about pasta is how many different shapes and sizes it comes in. Depending on what type of pasta you buy, you can make entirely different recipes than if you were to buy another shape! Despite how similar some of these pasta shapes can be, their recipe applications can differ greatly. Take one of our prized pasta shapes for example in tagliolini. Saying it out loud is definitely a tongue twister! There’s more than a complicated pronunciation to this shape of pasta: we tell you all about it below!

What Is Tagliolini?

As you might have already guessed, tagliolini is a term used to describe a different shape of pasta. This pasta combines qualities from two similar counterparts in tagliatelle and cappellini, both of which are variations of spaghetti. It is made of long noodles like spaghetti, but with the same wideness that tagliatelle possesses. Despite this, tagliolini noodles are noticeably thinner, with a thickness comparable to that of cappellini. This could be why the name of this pasta sounds like these two variations mashed into one word!

What Goes With It?

Tagliolini has noodles that are very thin, yet wide and long. This means that the best things to go with this type of pasta aren’t going to be thick ingredients. You’ll get the most out of this type of pasta by adding light ingredients and light sauces to it. On the dish featured on our menu, the tagliolini pasta comes with meatballs and cherry tomatoes. Neither of these things can make the pasta noodles soggy, which make for good additions to the dish. The lighter sauces and ingredients you use, the better.

Spaghetti vs. Tagliolini

Believe it or not, there are distinctions between spaghetti and tagliolini besides the obvious differences! Spaghetti and tagliolini hail from two different regions of Italy, with the former originating in Veneto and the latter being from Liguria. Tagliolini also has a distinction in terms of what’s used to make it. Unlike spaghetti, tagliolini uses egg dough in the recipe, making these noodles an egg-based pasta. Spaghetti, on the other hand, is made from regular pasta dough.

Tagliolini and More at Assaggio

Assaggio is home to all of your favorite Italian pasta delights! Every pasta dish at our restaurant is crafted to perfection to give you the best dining experience possible, including our tagliolini! The inviting atmosphere will transport you to the heart of Italy without needing a plane ticket. To get the best Italian dining experience in Boston’s North End, click here to make a reservation with us!

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