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What Is Saffron Used For?

//What Is Saffron Used For?

What Is Saffron Used For?

There’s a reason why spices were some of the most sought after trade goods in past civilizations: they can be used for a wide variety of purposes! They can be used in medicine in addition to its most common use in food. Every spice brings its own unique approach to the dish it’s used in. When it comes to a spice like saffron, this statement rings true! Saffron is one of the most popular spices in the world today for its wide variety of practical uses. So, how is saffron used in today’s cuisines? We break it down for you below!


Risotto is one of the most prized staples of Italian cuisine, a cuisine group that is home to a wide variety of culinary staples. There are plenty of different variations of risotto recipes, but one of the most popular types of risotto is saffron risotto. Saffron has an earthy flavor with hints of honey, and this kind of flavor pairs well with foods that can successfully absorb it. Rice is one of these foods, and a risotto dish brings out the most of saffron’s unique flavor. As you’re making the dish, simply sprinkle a bit of saffron in for that traditional yellow color and distinctive flavor.


Some of the best uses that you’ll get from saffron come from pairing it with foods that are otherwise bland in taste. The goal is to add a unique flavor to something that is a bit lacking in it. Depending on how you cook your chicken, this fowl is a classic example! Chicken doesn’t have a ton of flavor that jumps out at you, but this can easily be corrected through the use of a variety of spices. As you might expect, there are plenty of recipes out there that add saffron to the chicken, bringing out the earthy flavor and adding an inviting kick to a dish that wouldn’t have it on its own.


If you’ve ever been to Spain before, then you’ll likely have seen paella at some point during your travels. It’s one of Spain’s signature dishes, and it includes both rice and chicken as centerpieces of the dish. What’s the best way to bring out the flavors for dishes that would otherwise be bland? By adding spices, of course! Saffron is a common addition to paella recipes that give the dish its signature yellow color. 

Saffron at Assaggio

If you’re looking to try some saffron for yourself, we have just the dish for you at Assaggio! Our ossobuco is served over saffron risotto, giving you that same unique flavor that comes from the spice. If you’re curious about what makes saffron so unique as a spice, make a reservation with us today and taste it for yourself!

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