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The Italian Version of Barbecuing

//The Italian Version of Barbecuing

The Italian Version of Barbecuing

With the Fourth of July weekend just around the corner, it’s almost time for one of the most classic traditions of the holiday: the annual barbecue! Barbecuing has long been a staple of the weekend as citizens flock to celebrate the anniversary of this country’s founding. Something you might not have known, however, is that this is known only as American barbecuing to the rest of the world. Italy has perfected their own version of barbecuing, and it’s far different from its Western counterpart! We explain everything there is to know about Italian barbecuing below!

How It Got Started

You may think that Italian barbecues are a variation of American barbecuing. While Italian cuisine has borrowed recipes from other cultures in the past, the same isn’t true here. In fact, Italian barbecuing far predates American barbecuing! This is a tradition that spans back centuries and has evolved significantly over that time frame. The Italian name for this tradition is grigliata, which quite literally means barbecue in English. As you’ll come to find out, time isn’t the only factor that makes this style of barbecue different.

Foods Used

When you think of a traditional American barbecue, you’ll likely think of foods like hamburgers, steaks, and ribs. As you might have guessed, Italian barbecuing doesn’t share any of the same foods! Italian barbecue contains a wide variety of assorted vegetables, buffalo beef, meats, and even certain types of seafood! Salmon and swordfish are popular staples of Italian barbecues, for example. Italian barbecues also pay far more attention to seasonings, as they use lemon and garlic sauces in addition to olive oil.

Other Differences

History and foods used aren’t the only two ways in which Italian barbecuing and American barbecuing differ! The style of cooking is also an important factor in the equation. American barbecues tend to focus on a slower cooking style that aims to infuse more flavor into their meat. The Italians get a similar result with their style of cooking, but the process is much faster! Any meats and vegetables in Italian barbecuing are cooked directly over hot coals, significantly speeding up the cooking process while maintaining a similar result.

Italian Barbecue at Assaggio

Assaggio is the home of all things Italian, with a wide variety of Italian cuisines and barbecue items that are guaranteed to satisfy your palette. If you don’t want to put in the effort for a barbecue this weekend, our Italian options will be more than enough to make your mouth water! To experience it for yourself, click here to make a reservation with us!

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