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What Makes San Marzano Tomatoes Different?

//What Makes San Marzano Tomatoes Different?

What Makes San Marzano Tomatoes Different?

One of the most interesting things about different foods is how just one change can completely alter how they’re used. For bufala mozzarella, for example, using buffalo milk instead of cow’s milk drastically changes the flavor. This opens it up to even greater possibilities for recipes! When it comes to tomatoes, this is no different. San Marzano tomatoes have long been hailed as a cut above other types of this vegetable. So, what makes San Marzano tomatoes different from their counterparts? We break it down for you below!


In order to understand San Marzano tomatoes, we have to take a look at their makeup. This comes right down to the way these tomatoes are crafted! San Marzano tomatoes belong to a class of tomato known as a plum tomato. Plum tomatoes are essentially store processed tomatoes, meaning that they have oval and cylinder-like shapes and have a generally higher solid content. These tomatoes are best used for making your own sauces.

Country of Origin

Because of the rules surrounding tomato classification, the country of origin actually plays a big role in what can be considered a San Marzano tomato! As you may have guessed, San Marzano tomatoes derive their origins from Italy. Specifically, they are from the area of Mount Vesuvius, a super volcano off of the coast of Naples that is famous for the Pompeii event. These tomatoes are grown around this volcano for the goal of being less acidic. You can theoretically achieve the same result in a different area, but that wouldn’t make it a San Marzano tomato!

Taste And Makeup

Remember how we said that San Marzano tomatoes were grown near Mount Vesuvius to make them less acidic? That’s one of the major things that sets these tomatoes apart! San Marzano tomatoes are also sweeter in taste than their counterparts, which makes them more useable in pasta sauces. They also have a firmer pulp and skin that’s far easier to remove, which help them to be sold as canned tomatoes. You won’t find them in any other processing method, so make sure you look carefully!

Fresh Ingredients at Assaggio

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