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All About Arborio Rice

//All About Arborio Rice

All About Arborio Rice

Have you ever thought about how many different cuisines there are? There are plenty of recipes that are unique to certain countries, which make them all the more special. Even further than that are cuisines adopted by different countries in a new way! Italy is no exception to this rule, as they have plenty of Italian-grown recipes that help to bring their cuisines to life. A classic example of these recipes is arborio rice. What is this rice, and what makes it different from its counterparts? We reveal all of the answers below!

What Is Arborio Rice?

If you’ve ever been to Italy before, the name of this type of rice should be familiar to you. Many Italian staples derive their names from either their place of origin or somewhere within the immediate vicinity. Aborio rice is no different, as it is named after a town called Aborio in the Piedmont region near Italy’s northern border. It first grew in this region, but today it can be found in more areas of the world. In fact, it’s even grown in the United States – in the states of California and Texas!

What Makes It Different?

There aren’t too many things that separate rice variants from one another, but the thing that makes arborio rice different is perhaps the most significant quality: taste! Other types of rice like white rice aren’t particularly firm and lack flavor. Arborio rice makes up for this thanks to its high content of amylopectin, a starch which is found in most types of rice. It doesn’t require as much farm-growing as other types of rice do, either. The end result is a firm, chewy grain with a much creamier taste than other rice varieties.

Where Is It Used?

It wouldn’t be an Italian ingredient if it didn’t have its fair share of recipes to go along with it! The most popular use of arborio rice is in a risotto dish thanks to its creamy nature. Risotto itself is supposed to be creamy, so what better way to show that off? Rice pudding is another popular use for arborio rice. You won’t see many more varieties outside of these two recipes, but it’s no secret that the properties of arborio rice make these dishes that much better.

Arborio Rice at Assaggio

If you’ve looked on our menu before, you’ll likely notice that arborio rice is a key component of our risotto of the day! Assaggio offers a wide variety of Italian cuisines and risotto that will keep you coming back to try the new flavors. To learn about what today’s risotto is, make a reservation with us and find out!

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