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What is Friarielli?

//What is Friarielli?

What is Friarielli?

Italian cuisine doesn’t just mean pasta! While pasta is a large component of what makes Italian cuisine so noteworthy, it’s nowhere near the entire pie. There are plenty of bread related dishes, different ways of cooking meat, and even healthier alternatives and dishes that are helpful for watching your weight. If you’ve looked on the Assaggio menu before, you’ll likely have noticed a dish called friarielli present. Do you know what this dish is and what category it falls into? Read on to find out all about friarielli!

The Dish Itself

So, what exactly is the friarielli dish? Friarielli is actually a bitter Italian leafy green, but don’t let that taste profile fool you! It’s actually quite a tasty and widespread dish. Friarelli is usually sauteed with olive oil and garlic, but other ingredients can be added as well to compliment the flavor. Common additions include tomatoes, sausage, and – you guessed it – pasta! If you’re wondering why this dish sounds so familiar, it’s because it may be; friarielli is known in the United States as broccoli rabe.

Health Benefits

We did say that friarielli was one of the healthier Italian options, didn’t we? We weren’t lying! The main allure that friarielli has has to do with its vitamin content. It’s rich in vitamins A, C and K among other things. Vitamin A is essential for your eyesight while keeping a healthy immune system and fostering bone development. Vitamin C is crucial for preventing heart disease, iron deficiency, and cognitive decline. Vitamin K protects your bone metabolism and does well to prevent blood clots. You can gain a lot from a serving of friarielli!


Friarielli isn’t just good by itself! It can be added to several dishes to spice up the flavor and give it a healthier component. For example, this recipe adds pasta and Italian sausage to mix the bitterness of the leafy green with sweeter components. Scallops and lentils can be added for a bigger seafood profile. Other foods that work well with friarielli include chili, anchovies, garlic and turnips. If you can mix the ingredients well, you’ll have a satisfying and healthy dish that blends the best of both worlds.

Friarielli at Assaggio

Of course, in order to get the most out of the flavor of friarielli, you’ll need to go to a restaurant that prepares it with excellence every single time. No restaurant fits that bill better than Assaggio! We specialize in a variety of Italian cuisines and seafood that are expertly prepared in a way fitting for the North End. See why Assaggio is one of the top restaurants to dine at in the area by making a reservation today! 

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