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All About Zuppa di Pesce

//All About Zuppa di Pesce

All About Zuppa di Pesce

The world of cuisines always offers something new to explore. Whether it be different takes on classic recipes, dishes that originated from a certain region, or experimental dishes that can hit or miss depending on your palette, there’s no end to the things you can learn about food. There’s no better example of this than the vast world of Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine contains a lot more seafood than you might think, and zuppa di pesce is a shining example of this. We give you a crash course on zuppa di pesce below!

What Is Zuppa di Pesce?

Zuppa di pesce quite literally translates to fish soup in Italian. While that may sound uninteresting at first glance, you have to take into consideration where the dish comes from. Italy is a country that’s surrounded by the ocean on three of its four sides. It only stands to reason that there are dozens of varieties of this recipe across the different regions of Italy! For example, on our menu, zuppa di pesce is served with Maine lobster, mussels, clams and calamari in a special broth. Other variations include seafoods like crayfish, mollusks, squid and crayfish.

Origins and Variations

A vast majority of Italian cuisine staples have origins that trace back to the specific regions of Italy. However, a lot of these dishes don’t have precise times of origin. Zuppa di pesce is unique in that it has neither! Because there are so many variations in the different regions and across the world, it’s tricky to pinpoint an exact origin of the dish. There are a few key variations of the dish that have sprung up over the years:



  • Burrida: This version of the dish hails from Genoa and is loosely named after the French word for boil. The key ingredients here are cuttlefish, anchovies and angler fish.
  • Caciucco: This version of the dish hails from Tuscany and is usually comprised of whatever the fishermen can catch that day! Common ingredients include cuttlefish, octopus, crabs and eels.
  • Brodetto: Brodetto is the name that’s given to fish stew by residents along the Adriatic sea. The ingredients here are similar to what you’d find in a classic zuppa di pesce dish.


Zuppa di Pesce at Assaggio

Curious to try out some zuppa di pesce for yourself? Assaggio is the best place to do so! We specialize in a number of different Italian cuisines that derive straight from the heart of Italy. For the authentic Italian experience without the costly plane ticket, click here to make a reservation with us!

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