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What is Gragnano Style Pasta?

//What is Gragnano Style Pasta?

What is Gragnano Style Pasta?

When it comes to Italian cuisine, there’s no bigger name than pasta! Pasta can be used in pretty much any given Italian staple, as its versatility is uncompared when measured against other foods. However, there are some types of pasta out there that have risen to greater fame than others. Some are mostly because of their shape, but there’s one style of pasta that differs from the norm: gragnano style pasta! But, what exactly is gragnano style pasta, and why does it have such a claim to fame? We break down the facts below!

What Is It?

Gragnano style pasta isn’t named for the person who made the style; rather, it’s true name comes from the region that it’s produced in. It’s made by combining durum wheat, which is the primary wheat used to make macaroni and pasta, with locally sourced Gragnano water. The resulting mixture gives birth to the style of pasta we know today. It was first produced in the 1800s, where it rose to prominence and never looked back. Today, over 200 shapes of pasta are produced in Gragnano.

How Is It Made?

Gragnano style pasta differs from other types of pasta in how rigorous the preparation process is. First of all, the pasta is only allowed to be made with the highest quality durum wheat, as this helps the pasta to keep its al dente form. It must be shaped through a bronze die, which helps to give the pasta its rougher texture. Also, the water that is used to make it has to come from the Gragnano region in order for it to meet the criteria. In fact, the European Union has recognized Gragnano style pasta to be a Protected Geographical Indication, so it has to meet the criteria!

How Is It Different?

The differences between Gragnano style pasta and other types go beyond the region that its produced in. Unlike other types of pasta, Gragnano style pasta is designed with flavor in mind, as you’ll get flavors similar to that of artisanal pasta. Most wheat that is used in other types of pasta is imported from the US and Canada as well, while the other wheat is produced directly from Gragnano. Rough texture and unparalleled flavor are the names of the game!

Gragnano Style Pasta at Assaggio

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