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Best Winter Cocktails To Kick Off 2022

//Best Winter Cocktails To Kick Off 2022

Best Winter Cocktails To Kick Off 2022

The winter months are a fantastic time to sit inside by your fireplace and relax under a blanket. Do you think that there’s something missing from the equation? It’s because there is; you’re missing out on the best winter cocktails! There are plenty of alcoholic beverages out there that are perfect for unwinding through the winter months. Enjoy the simple pleasures of snow and cold temperatures with some of these inviting cocktail recipes!

White Russian

Is there a better winter beverage than the alcoholic answer to hot chocolate? White Russians are great because they offer a level of customization that other cocktails don’t. The only thing required of this beverage is some form of coffee liquor; you can change the vodka and cream parts how you wish!


That asterisk isn’t there for no reason! While eggnog is traditionally referred to as a non-alcoholic beverage, there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, why not add rum and brandy for the kick that this drink needs? It may be past Christmastime at this point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one of the classics in a new way! If you’re looking for a drink that isn’t as strong, simply remove the brandy.

Adult Hot Chocolate

Speaking of variations of traditionally non-alcoholic beverages, what about hot chocolate? This cocktail recipe puts the “adult” in adult hot chocolate by adding peppermint schnapps. Not only does the alcohol pair perfectly with the winter season, but it actually adds an inviting kick to the hot chocolate as well. We aren’t just talking about the alcoholic part – it brings out new flavors as well!

Sugar Cookie Martini

More than a lot of things, winter is a wonderful time to sit back and indulge in the sweeter things in life. Desserts like sugar cookies start to look a lot more appealing! Combine this flavor with the adult kick of alcohol for the sugar cookie martini. It uses Irish cream and amaretto liqueur with vanilla vodka to bring out the sweetness. You can even “salt” the rim with candy sprinkles!  

Cocktails at Assaggio

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