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Tips On Making The Perfect Soufflé

//Tips On Making The Perfect Soufflé

Tips On Making The Perfect Soufflé

Fancy desserts can be a lovely treat to have every once in a while. Some of them are even pretty easy to make! However, there are plenty of desserts that you’ll need to make perfectly to achieve the desired result. One such dessert that’s a little tricky to get right is the soufflé. There are plenty of ways to mess it up, but if you can get it just right, the results will be well worth your effort! But, how can you achieve the desired final product? We share our best tips for making the perfect soufflé below!

Use A Metal Bowl For The Egg Whites

Amongst all of the other ingredients in this dessert, the egg whites are perhaps the most important to get right. The air in your egg whites is what causes the dish to rise in the oven, giving it that sponginess and flavor that you want. When you’re whisking your egg whites, the best bowl that you can use is a metal one. Other materials are more likely to leave residue on the bowl, making it harder to achieve the desired rise in the oven. If you can find a metal bowl, you’re in good shape!

Make Your Ingredients Room Temperature

This rule applies doubly for the eggs you use, but all of your soufflé ingredients should be at room temperature when you’re preparing the dish. This is because colder ingredients are harder to work with, take longer to produce the results you want, and could lead to problems in the oven. Colder eggs are also a lot harder to whisk, meaning you’ll have to work twice as hard to get the oven rise you want.

Add An Acidic Ingredient To Your Eggs

So, what do we mean by an acidic ingredient? Things like cream of tartar and lemon juice can actually help your eggs during the cooking process. They help by making sure that the egg whites rise to their peak height, trapping air in the process. The rise is what helps give the soufflé its classic texture, so this is another method you can use to perfect that craft.

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