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All About Rustic Pizza

//All About Rustic Pizza

All About Rustic Pizza

Those that are big connoisseurs of pizza will know that the combinations that you can make are endless. In fact, you don’t even need to use any of the traditional ingredients for it to qualify as a pizza! Amongst the different types of pizza, several have risen to great prominence. However, one of the most popular pizzas out there is one that you probably have had before but don’t realize it: rustic pizza! But, what exactly is rustic pizza, and how do you know if you’ve had it? We break down the details for you below!

What Is Rustic Pizza?

When you think of the different types of pizza, the main identifying factor that separates them from the rest is what ingredients are put on. For example, pizza that ditches the tomato sauce for a cheesier base is called white pizza. This isn’t the only way to classify pizza, however. Some types of pizza are named because of the way that they’re prepared. This is where rustic pizza comes in! Rustic pizza is in a similar category to homemade pizza, but is prepared with less traditional norms. You can go more outside the box with rustic pizza.

The Differences

When we say that rustic pizza differs from the norms of most other pizzas, much of it has to do with the way that it’s prepared. Most pizzas have a circular shape that is cut into triangle slices. If you decide to make your pizza in a different shape, it qualifies as a rustic pizza. If you decide to use a baking sheet instead of a pizza stone, it qualifies as rustic pizza. If you make your own pizza dough, that also qualifies it as a rustic pizza! The more outside of the lines you go with your recipe, the more rustic your pizza becomes.

Is It Healthy?

One of the biggest questions surrounding rustic pizza is whether or not it’s a healthy option for you. Actually, it doesn’t have a definitive answer! How healthy your rustic pizza is will be determined by the ingredients you add to it. If you decide to add a lot of food that is high in calories and fat, it probably won’t be very healthy! The inverse applies here as well. Rustic pizza is what you make of it.

Rustic Pizza at Assaggio

When you see pizza, you wouldn’t normally think of it as an appetizer. That’s just one of the many ways that our rustic pizza differs from the norm! Assaggio offers Italian cuisines, seafood and rustic pizza for an incredible variety and amazing taste. To experience it for yourself, click here to make a reservation!

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