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Tips on Perfecting Your Sautéing

//Tips on Perfecting Your Sautéing

Tips on Perfecting Your Sautéing

Learning how to cook is a process that is much easier said than done. With so many different styles of cooking to perfect, it may be helpful to find a method that you excel at. One of the most versatile ways to cook your food is to sauté it. It’s not something you should expect to master on your first try; it’s a cooking technique that is a little harder to perfect. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done! We’ve assembled some helpful tips below to help you improve your sautéing.

Be Mindful of Food Size

The size of the foods you choose to sauté plays a more important role in the process than you might think! If you cut your food into unevenly sized pieces, it can drastically affect the final product. If you try to sauté unevenly sized pieces of food, you’ll find that some of the pieces cook better than others. In order to ensure that your cooking is uniform, cut your food into similarly sized pieces. This will help every piece to cook more evenly.

Heat The Pan Beforehand

While you only need medium high heat to properly sauté your food, the pan still needs to be pretty hot to achieve the desired effect. Turning it on after adding the food will only add to your cooking time, and might even affect how good it tastes! You can bypass this issue by taking some time to heat the pan before you add your food. You can use this time to make sure that the fat is evenly coated around the pan, giving each piece the right amount of flavor.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Pan

Portion size matters in more ways than one when you’re sautéing! Overcrowding your pan can have similar effects to having your portions be uneven. You should be able to have each piece turn brown on both sides for a proper sauté, and overcrowding your pan will make this extremely difficult. There should be a small amount of room between each piece of food you use to prevent overcrowding.

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