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Best Foods to Sauté

//Best Foods to Sauté

Best Foods to Sauté

There are plenty of different options at your disposal if you want to cook something. You can fry it on a pan, cook it in the oven, grill it on an outdoor grill, and even run it through a microwave! There’s one form of cooking that’s slightly trickier to master than the others, but there’s no denying that the result is fantastic; sautéing! This involves cooking food over a small amount of fat on a pan. There are a few foods that are best served sautéed thanks to its ability to bring out flavor. So, what are they? Read on to find out!


While they can be incredibly difficult to sauté correctly, mushrooms are arguably at their best when cooked this way. Most mushrooms contain a high level of water which gets released during the cooking process. So, instead of sautéing your mushrooms, you could just be frying them! When you sauté these, make sure you cook them at a higher temperature. This will help to prevent frying from happening.


Fish can be very time-consuming to make using other cooking methods, but sautéing them will ensure that you have a finished product in just minutes! Be wary of the type of fish that you use for this method, however. The fattier, bulkier fishes won’t taste as great as ones that are slimmer. Since sautéing is a quick process, the slimmer fishes cook better and give you the flavor punch you’re looking for. You can also try this with shrimp, as their tails curl throughout the process and it’s easier to tell when it’s done!

Brussel Sprouts

People are very divided when it comes to the opinion on Brussel sprouts, but we’re willing to bet that they haven’t tried them sautéed! These cook a little bit differently from other vegetables due to their square shape. In order to sauté Brussel sprouts, you need to cut them in half and flip them over about halfway through the sautéing. This will ensure that the Brussel sprouts cook evenly. Make some for your friends who aren’t as fond of them; maybe they’ll change their tune!

Sautéed Food at Assaggio

If you’re looking for a place to expand your horizons on sautéed food, there’s no better place to go than Assaggio! We can sauté a variety of foods for your meal, from broccoli to mussels and some interesting ones in between. If there’s one constant amongst all of them, it’s that they taste delicious! If you’re curious to experience this for yourself, make a reservation with us today to get started.

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