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How To Cleanly Eat Ribs

//How To Cleanly Eat Ribs

How To Cleanly Eat Ribs

When it comes to barbeque food, ribs are arguably at the top of the charts! This is for good reason, too; ribs are one of the tastiest barbeque items you can eat. However, that doesn’t mean that the meal comes with no disadvantages. It may be fun to eat, but the process of doing so can actually be very messy! It may seem like there’s no way to cleanly eat a rack of ribs, but we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong. We’ve assembled some helpful tips on how to cleanly eat ribs below!

Wear Appropriate Attire

When we say appropriate attire for eating ribs, we don’t mean that you should dress in your Sunday best to eat! In fact, you should be doing the opposite. But, there are additional things that you can wear to prevent barbeque sauce from getting on your clothes. If you’ve ever eaten lobster before, you’ll know that a bib can go a long way in keeping you clean. Make sure you’re wearing a bib and have a napkin on your lap before you start chowing down.

Use A Knife and Fork

Of course, there are multiple ways to eat a rack of ribs, with some being a little bit cleaner than others. You may be tempted to just dig in with your bare hands. However, if you have maximum cleanliness in mind, this is actually the wrong way to do it! Using a fork and knife will help you reduce the amount of cleanup that you’ll need to do afterwards. It may not be the fastest way of eating ribs, but you’ll thank us when your ensemble is untouched afterwards.

Use A Finger Bowl

If you can’t be tempted to use a fork and knife when you eat ribs, there is another option you can pursue to get clean; finger bowls! Basically, you take a small bowl and fill it with tap water, and then dip your fingers into it between bites of your ribs. This will help the barbeque sauce wash right off your fingertips. Messy fingers are a big part of what makes eating ribs cleanly so difficult, so this can help avoid that issue.

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