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The Best Italian Comfort Foods

//The Best Italian Comfort Foods

The Best Italian Comfort Foods

Comfort foods exist in every culture. From the foods that your mom would make at the end of a busy day so the family could sit down and reconnect to the recipes that were passed down for generations, comfort foods hold families and cultures together. One of the best parts of comfort foods is learning to recreate them to get that same comfort back, even if you’re in a different location. Assaggio in Boston’s North End has brought the comfort of traditional Italian dishes back to the United States in a way that’s never been done before. These are just a few of the comfort foods that can be found on our menu for you to try! 


Carbonara is a pasta with a sauce so creamy it melts in your mouth. Ironically, there’s no cream in the recipe. The sauce uses egg, Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh cracked black pepper, and cured pork to create maximum flavor with minimal ingredients. Traditional spaghetti is folded into the sauce and served fresh after preparing. Carbonara has a way of warming you from the inside, so you know the dish was made with love. 


Lasagna is the ultimate Italian comfort food and is commonly served at holidays and family gatherings. Lasagna is layers of pasta, meat, red sauce, and various cheeses, melted together to create a casserole dish of comfort food all at once. The end result is a crowd-pleasing meal that remains one of the most popular Italian foods that has crossed into various other cultures.

Roast Chicken and Lemons 

Roast chicken and lemons is as simple as it sounds, but that’s what makes it so great. A whole chicken is seasoned with salt and pepper, filled with two sliced lemons, and cooked to juicy perfection in the oven. Roast chicken is so easy to make that it becomes a staple in most Italian households and remains a lasting comfort food well past childhood. The simplicity of the dish is what sets it apart from the rest and creates such an inviting dish. 

Enjoy Italian Comfort Food at Assaggio

If you’re in need of some truly incredible Italian comfort food in the Boston area, Assaggio is the place to go. Located in Boston’s historic North End, Assaggio is the most venerable Italian restaurant in the area. Our menu will take you on a trip to Italy without ever boarding a plane. We utilize fresh ingredients and traditional Italian cooking methods to create food that brings people together. The ambiance in our restaurant reflects the Italian culture, and when you’re dining with us, you’ll feel like you’re part of the family. Contact Assaggio today to make a reservation or place a carry-out order to enjoy at home.

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