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Surefire Ways To Spot Good Wine From Bad Wine

//Surefire Ways To Spot Good Wine From Bad Wine

Surefire Ways To Spot Good Wine From Bad Wine

All wine is wine and has a place in our hearts. We bond with family and friends over a bottle, and many memories that we hold dear to us are involved in some form or another drinking wine. That being said, not all cheap wine is low-quality wine, and not all expensive wine is excellent. Let’s dive into some ways to tell if you’ve got yourself a good bottle of vino or if you got the short end of the stick. White or red, these rules apply.


The balanced aspect of wine is vital to determining a good wine from a bad. It’s when the different components of the wine are working like a well-oiled machine. These components are sweetness, acidity, tannin, and alcohol. One of the primary reasons people drink wine is for the alcohol, but the wine needs to be pleasurable for your taste buds. A very sweet wine but lacks the traits of balance may be a low-quality wine. Look for the wine using different characteristics to work together and not feel overwhelmed by a specific aspect. 


This is a sometimes overlooked trait for wine drinkers that are just starting. The finish of the wine is the flavor after the first sense of flavors. It’s how long it lingers in your mouth and palate and how long it lingers. A long finish is frequently a sign of quality wine, but some wines are meant for a shorter finish. If the finish is enjoyable and noticeable, chances are you have yourself a quality bottle of wine. If you take a sip and the wine explodes in your mouth and then turns into nothing right after swallowing, that’s a wrong indication. 


Some people enjoy a simple wine, a straight shooter, one that gets straight to the point of what it is and what it’s trying to do. A complex wine has unique and new flavors as you drink it. It may change flavors, and each flavor builds off the last. A complex wine is more of an experience than a drink, taking you on different rides as you enjoy your glass. Whether you prefer simple wine or more aromas and flavors in your mouth, it’s a great indication of high-quality wine.

Wine At Assaggio

At Assaggio, we’re all about quality wine. With many different types in our vault, we believe that each bottle serves a unique purpose. If you are interested in learning about wine, enjoy a dinner and have a bottle at Assaggio. Book here for reservations and enjoy a night out with family and friends. 

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