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Lasagna At Assaggio

//Lasagna At Assaggio

Lasagna At Assaggio

Lasagna is one of the oldest types of pasta in the world. Regardless of if you like Italian food, you’ve probably tried this as one of your introductory dishes of Italian cuisine. Lasagna looks different from most pasta, and for that reason, many people don’t understand what it is or are scared to try it. Lasagna has stood the test of time because of its taste, texture, and the fact that it’s not difficult to make.

What Is Lasagna? 

Lasagna is simply layers of thin pasta stacked on top of each other. Between layers of Lasagna and depending on who is cooking it, you stuff meat, tomato sauce, and cheese types such as parmesan or ricotta in between the layers. This creates a texture inside the mouth that many people find unbeatable. You will see Lasagna frequently at parties, significant events, and group meals due to how easy it is to cut. It’s comfort food boiled down. The tastes are warm, melt in your mouth, and a flurry of flavors due to the mix of cheese, pasta, and meat.

Where and When Was It Created?

Believe it or not, Lasagna wasn’t created in Italy, and its inception was actually in Ancient Greece. Lasagna was an alternative to the first-ever pasta type. Although the Greeks made Lasagna, the Italians gave you the more modern version of wavy pasta with layers of different ingredients. This backs up because scholars found a cookbook dated 1390 in Italy. Lasagna is meant to be shared, and so should it’s history! So it’s best off if no ethnicity takes credit for it, and we all enjoy it for what it is today.

Lasagna’s Varieties:

Lasagna is incredible due to its variety. You can put whatever you’d like inside of it as long as it fits. There are recipes for vegetarians that include foods like eggplant and cauliflower. There’s also lasagna recipes for meat lovers that include meatballs, veal, chicken, and more. 


It’s reliable, it’s shareable, it comes in just about any form you want, and it’s easy to make. It reminds you of the past as a comfort food typically does and gets you excited about the next time you eat it. Lasagna is one of a kind, and no one makes a better dish than us at Assaggio. So stop in next time you’re in the North End and be greeted with excellent service and piping hot, gooey lasagna that will blow your mind. If Lasagna isn’t your thing, please visit our website and check our extensive Italian Cuisine menu. 

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