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Our Favorite Drinks At Assaggio

//Our Favorite Drinks At Assaggio

Our Favorite Drinks At Assaggio

2020 was a long year. We welcome 2021 with open arms, hoping that it can only go up from here. Assaggio knows how difficult of a time the last 10 months have been for everyone, we are thankful that during this time we are able to operate and serve our loyal customer base with our dishes made with love and quality. With that being said, this blog is not to talk about our food. Although that’s delicious too! We are here to talk about some of our favorite cocktails presented to you everytime you come to Assaggio, because we all need to unwind once in a while.

Malfi Mule

The first drink we present to you, is a classic here at Assaggio. The Malfi Mule is refreshing as it is tasty, and is a perfect drink for a Saturday afternoon with your lunch. It contains Malfi which is a brand of Italian Gin that has citrus hints to it, Agave, fresh lime juice that is all natural and ginger beer which of course makes it a mule. If you are looking for a revitalizing drink, look no further, The Malfi Mule will make you feel like you’re on the Amalfi coast looking down into the beaming water. 


 This before dinner drink possesses zeus like power. Not literally, but it’s wonderful. It’s one of our favorites because Negroni has been a classic among the Italian culture for years and we believe we make only the finest version of it. It contains Hendricks gin, campari bitters, antica vermouth, prosecco and orange bitters. It is the right balance of bitter and sweetness. This drink is best saved for after 4pm, as it’s got quite a punch to it. 

Makers Manhattan

 This drink has been talked about on our blog before, and for good reason. It is one of our most popular drinks due to the fact that it has been a staple in American history. Our Makers Manhattan contains; you guessed it, Makers Mark bourbon, antica vermouth (an italian staple), orange bitters, and luxardo cherries to garnish it. Our bourbon gives it a slightly more sweet, more mellow taste than a classic manhattan. Our Makers Manhattan is perfect after a day at work or unwinding before a dinner with your family. 

Assaggio welcomes you to celebrate the new year with us, with a plethora of cocktails and a mouth-watering menu, we surely will not disappoint. Reserve a table with us today or contact us for any questions you have. See you soon!

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