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Best Appetizers for Hosting an Event

//Best Appetizers for Hosting an Event

Best Appetizers for Hosting an Event

You’re hosting a party or getting dinner with friends or family you haven’t seen in a while. Far too often, you have no idea where to start when selecting appetizers for a group of people. People frequently have a variety of different opinions, and some people’s taste buds are picky. Assaggio has selected three appetizers on our menu that are perfect for Italian food lovers looking to set up appetizers for their next event or order at our restaurant. 

Margherita Pizza

 This trendy, light on the stomach pizza is perfect for small, medium, or large gatherings. This pizza comes from Naples, Italy, and uses San Marzano tomatoes, olive oil, basil, salt, and mozzarella cheese. Margherita pizza is a delicious appetizer for Italian food lovers because of how thin it is and won’t cause you to get stuffed before eating your main course. It is typically a thin-crusted pizza and lacks the heavy sauce of many American made pies, which can lead to not feeling too hot afterward. For you history buffs, Margherita pizza was created for Queen Margherita of Italy when she asked to be served various pizzas. And it even resembles the colors of the Italian flag. Next time you have friends over for drinks and apps, make a few Margherita pizzas before dinner to get started.

Fritto Misto & Calamari

 Means “fried mixture” and is a splendid appetizer whether staying in or ordering at a restaurant. It is a lightly breaded calamari, and you can also fry vegetables with it. It’s essential to make sure your oil is adequately heated when making this dish and to use light corn starch, so you do not over-bread your fish. Top this off with lemon slices to make sure your appetizer has a little zest to it, and pair it with a dipping sauce like marinara or chile aioli. This is another meal that is light if done correctly and is mouth-watering with a blend of flavors and sauces for your guests to pick and choose from. Fritto Misto & Calamari give your mouth unique textures that have a crunch to them and are an excellent addition to your appetizer arsenal.


 One of the gems of the Italian culture is the charcuterie board. You may be pleasantly surprised that almost everything you need to make a stereotypical Italian charcuterie board are everyday items found in your fridge. Soppressata is a beautiful Italian dry sausage found on most charcuterie boards that are packed with flavor. Mortadella is also found on the board, which is another Italian Sausage made out of pork. Prosciutto di parma is what Assaggio also puts on our customer’s boards, which is a spiced Italian ham for more flavor. Top off your board with a variety of flavorful cheeses, and you have an appetizer that Italian food fanatics will drool over. 

So there you have it. Three appetizers that are easy to make will have your friends and family feel satisfied before the main course! Italians are known for their variety of foods, and meals are a huge part of the Italian culture. If you want to learn more about Italian cuisine as a whole, continue to read our blogs.

Book a table at Assaggio in the North End for an experience unlike any other. Make sure you save room for the main course, though!

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