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How To Make Sure Your Family Eats Healthier

//How To Make Sure Your Family Eats Healthier

How To Make Sure Your Family Eats Healthier

Want your family to eat healthier and consume more leafy greens in their diet? Does this sound like hiking Everest? If you are looking to have your family eat green for the new year, We’re here to help.

Get Excited

Find a way to make dinner changes exciting. You don’t have to do anything extravagant. Try bringing your family to the farmers’ market and let them pick out any veggies that look interesting. Sometimes the activity alone will encourage them to try it. If you really want to get hands-on you could try growing your own vegetables. Your family will feel even more of a connection to food, and your family will be much more inclined to try what they grow.

Make The Veggies Fun

Everyone loves fun, interactive food, who doesn’t love a good veggie dip?  Start small by putting together snack trays with a variety of colorful veggies on them. You can still add the cheese and crackers, but be sure to heavily focus on veggies, nuts, and fruit. Get creative with how you arrange the veggies, try making shapes or characters out of the veggies if they are young children.

Disguise Veggies In Their Food If It Comes To It

  1. Mashed potatoes: Mashed potatoes are loved by everyone. To boost your mashed potatoes’ nutritional benefits sneak in some mashed cauliflower. Try mixing different veggies together like butternut squash and sweet potatoes in the mashed potatoes for a pop of color.
  2. Pasta: If you blend butternut squash puree into the cheese of your pasta it gives your pasta extra creaminess, and as well as providing vitamin C, fiber, and magnesium.
  3. Marinara sauce: On top of the tomatoes in the tomato sauce add in garlic, oregano, basil and olive oil to your sauce for hidden nutrients. Don’t be afraid to add in blended zucchini or kale either!
  4. Zoodles: Switch out your starches and start replacing them with vegetables. If zucchini noodles aren’t your thing try butternut squash noodles!

Be a perfect example for your family. Lead them into healthier choices this upcoming year. You might discover some delicious vegetables that you’ve never tried before. Don’t know where to start? Visit Assagio for a healthier family dinner. Take notes, and our menu won’t disappoint.

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