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How To Build A Charcuterie Board

//How To Build A Charcuterie Board

How To Build A Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie is much more than meat piled on a plate. Charcuterie is the perfect choose-your-own dish. The traditional Charcuterie is made of cured dried meats. Charcuterie offers the perfect amount of savory goodness: a wonderful array of cured meats, tangy pickles, sweet jams, cheese, fresh fruit, and your own personal favorites, paired with the right wine or beer to complement the variety of flavors and textures.


The word Charcuterie is derived from  the French words “flesh” and cuit “cooked,” and pronounced “shar-koo-tuh-ree.” Charcuterie describes a large variety of cured meats, from hard, thin-sliced cuts to soft spreads. Charcuterie serves as an antipasti starter course or the perfect centerpiece at a family gathering. Charcuterie boards make for an easy stress-free dish for entertaining. Here at Assaggio, we want to help you build the best Charcuterie board. 


First Things First: Cheese Lovers This Is For You! 

To start the board, begin with the cheese. Select three to four of your favorite types of cheeses. Manchego, Gruyere, Goat, Burrata, Brie, Sharp Cheddar, White Cheddar, Gorgonzola, Havarti and Boursin are great cheeses to use on your boards. Get creative with how you display your cheese. Try serving the cheese cubed and piled based on height and dimension, cut into squares and fanned out or cut into thin triangular slices placed into a circle. 

Bring On The Fatty Meats! 

There are several different cured types of meat to serve on your platter. There are several different cured types of meat served on the platter. The most famous meat is thinly shaved prosciutto. Prosciutto is a fatty cut of meat that is sliced thin with a buttery texture. While shopping lookout for natural deli meats Prosciutto, Mortadella, Soppressata.


Fruits and Veggies Please! 

Roasted vegetables pair best with tangier cheeses and your selection of cured meats. For the roasted veggies, use marinated eggplant, misto artichokes, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, mixed olives, and roasted peppers. When choosing your fruits to serve, try mixing up fresh fruits that are flavorful and dried fruit! 


Don’t Forget the Garnishes! 

Garnishes go a long way with any dish! To keep it fresh add hints of color. Basil leaves rosemary sprigs, mint sprigs, and dried or fresh lavender. Let’s face it; a Charcuterie board makes for the perfect dish for any event or occasion. Don’t feel like trying to getting crafty? We are ready to help you.  Leave the prepping up to us, and try our Assaggio Charcuterie with Mortadella, Sopressata, Prosciutto di Parma and assorted Italian cheeses. 

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