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Our Favorite Appetizers

//Our Favorite Appetizers

Our Favorite Appetizers

For a fun change of pace, ditch the traditional sit-down dinner in favor of a night out trying all types of delicious appetizers. As a an appetizer, there’s nothing quite as a sampling different Italian small bites. Mix and match these appetizers as an excuse for a casual night out with a friend, or a whole crowd. Who doesn’t love Assagio’s signature appetizers? 


Shrimp Cocktail 


However old-fashioned it may seem, shrimp cocktail is a classic. Why not start off with the basics? Shrimp cocktail is all about the size of the shrimp: big, fat, juicy, and perfectly cooked gorgeous shrimp. Be sure to sit down with us and enjoy a shrimp cocktail with us. 


Zucchini Flowers 


A traditional appetizer in Italy, fried zucchini flowers are slightly crispy and mild in flavor. You will end up eating as if it was candy; they are that good. At Assaggio, we stuff our Zucchini Flowers with whipped truffled ricotta cheese. 

Calamari & Fritto Misto


This famous seafood antipasti is an Italian dish that means “fried mixture.” Enjoy a platter of calamari, shrimp, scallop, and fried onion rings. Get rid of the difficulty of trying to choose a dish and order Fritto Misto and get several. 




Charcuterie is a culinary art. Piled high with Mortadella, Sopressata, Prosciutto di Parma and

assorted Italian cheeses. There is no appetizer more impressive than a charcuterie board. There is something one this board for everyone.




What better than a classic Caprese, made with the best grade of buffalo mozzarella with vine ripe tomatoes. 


Let’s be real – any time is the perfect time for an excuse to come to the North End for Assagio’s delicious appetizers. And we here at Assagio say you’re missing out if you haven’t had the Italian appetizers. Next time you a craving traditional Italian appetizers, try our Sfizi menu.


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