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Planning a Work Holiday Party at Assaggio

//Planning a Work Holiday Party at Assaggio

Planning a Work Holiday Party at Assaggio

They’re not always everyone’s favorite event, but holiday parties are a known way to end the year for most companies. They’re also a fun event if planned carefully. If you’ve been selected to planning the annual employee Christmas party for your company, your goal should be to make the most out of your event while keeping costs reasonable. By carefully planning your holiday party, you can create an experience that can boosts company morale but also increases employee retention levels. 


Nail Down The Basics 

You have already chosen the perfect venue for your private function at Assaggio. Your party will overlook the charm of the historic North End of Boston. Just tell us your theme, time, date, guest count, food and beverage selections, and decor, and our experienced event coordinators are on hand to will assist you to. We can help set up floral arrangements, help choose regional wines from our extensive cellar, and help put together a menu.


Choose the Most Effective Time to Host Your Holiday Party

The best time to host an employee holiday event is during the lunch hour. Put your out of the office emails on and bring the office down to Assaggio. A lunch-hour event cuts costs and reduces the obligations on employees’ personal time and prior commitments. Friday is probably your top choice because most employees will be off for the weekend, it’s also one of our most popular day of the week at our restaurant, so it is essential to plan ahead. 


Choose a Team to Help Execute the Party

The quality of your team will directly correlate with the quality of your event. It’s important to choose the right size team and select members that want to make a memorable party. Even though you are choosing to set aside a small group make sure all employees’ voices are represented in planning the event.  


Create a Holiday Party Menu

When it comes to choosing what to feed your employees during your holiday party, we can help plan the menu. We have two special menus and passed hors d ‘oeuvres for you to choose from. Of course, your menu needs to reinforce the theme of your event. Some of our yummy menu items are sauté of mussels, calamari,fritto misto, Salmone Arrosto, gnocchi all Sorrentina, filet Mignon, lamb lollipops, mini arancini with ground veal, sweet peas, and scamorza. 


Decide on Alcohol Consumption Levels and Limits

Limiting the alcohol at holiday parties is a more natural way to control the budget, and it limits distraction from the event. Many employees will not want to attend a company party that doesn’t offer some form of alcoholic beverage. For this reason, you want to narrow your selection or even create signature cocktails to reduce costs and keep intoxication levels as low as possible. Checking your insurance policy to make sure you’re covered if any issues arise from alcohol consumption is crucial. 


Consider If Holiday Fundraising Is Right for Your Party

Food, clothing, and toy drives are part of the culture in most organizations. Make sure you consider whether your company-wide employee appreciation party is the right venue for a fundraising opportunity. Choosing a specific cause to donate to for the Christmas party will make donations easier to benefit the charity being supported. This way, everyone is allowed the option to offer a gift that fits their budgets.


This holiday season be sure to think of Assaggio in the historic North End for your holiday party. We want to help you celebrate. With the holiday season weeks away, it’s time for all the fun, festive parties. The holiday season is well known for being a joyous and exciting time. With these tips, you will surely be off to a great company holiday party.

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