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Benefits of Eating Scallops

//Benefits of Eating Scallops

Benefits of Eating Scallops

Scallops are a common type of shellfish you can find in the seafood department or on the seafood section of your favorite restaurant. With a buttery texture and a subtle sweet taste, scallops are a popular choice among seafood lovers. If you’re on the fence about trying scallops or curious about how eating them is really affecting you, check out these impressive health benefits that come from eating scallops! 

Great Nutrition Content 

Scallops are a wonderful source of protein that’s very low in fat. With just 94 calories per three-ounce serving, these won’t make you pack on the pounds either! Eating scallops also means getting your fill of healthy omega 3 fatty acids and a variety of minerals that your body needs. Scallops are an easy way to stick to a high protein, low carb diet that will aid in maintaining or losing weight. 

Helping with Brain and Nervous System 

All of those amazing nutrition facts that come from a serving of scallops help with much more than just managing your waistline. In fact, they’re able to reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s and various mood disorders. B12 and zinc are found in high numbers in scallops which aide in brain health, as well as the high level of omega 3 fatty acids. Pregnant women should be sure to take in enough B12 and zinc to ensure proper brain function of their baby after it’s born, so scallops are a perfect choice! 

Stay Heart Healthy 

Did you know that magnesium and potassium both help keep your blood pressure low and reduce your risk of heart disease? Lucky for you, scallops contain high amounts of both! With 12% of your daily recommended intake for both of these minerals in just one serving of scallops, it’s no wonder why they’re doctor recommended. 

Before you rush out to enjoy your next serving of this healthy seafood, remember that it’s technically a shellfish. About 10.6% of people are suffering from a shellfish allergy and if you’re one of them, it’s best to steer clear of scallops. Your reaction may be less than it is with lobster or crab, but it’s best to avoid all shellfish regardless. 

Next time you’re visiting Assaggio, give an order of scallops a try! Preparing scallops at home will require a little practice to get them cooked just right, but you can learn and then enjoy your new favorite seafood any day of the week! 

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