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The 4 Best Types of Liqueur You Need to Try

//The 4 Best Types of Liqueur You Need to Try

The 4 Best Types of Liqueur You Need to Try

Common liquors like vodka, gin, and rum are all something we know and love, but what about liqueurs? A liqueur is a type of alcohol that’s sweeter than traditional liquor because of it’s flavoring with flavors, herbs, spices, nuts, and more. These drinks can be combined with more traditional types of spirits for a great mixed drink or you can enjoy them on the rocks and bask in their natural flavor notes. Next time you’re looking to try something new at the bar, give one of these 4 liqueurs a shot! 





Starting off the list is one of the stronger liqueurs on the market. Sambuca is a colorless beverage with a very strong taste. Traditionally, sambuca is enjoyed after a meal with fresh coffee beans and ice. The combination may sound a bit odd, but it’s been used in history for many years. 


Bailey’s Irish Cream



Winter will be here before you know it and that means it’s time to stock up on two things: Bailey’s Irish Cream and hot chocolate. When you combine the two, it’s the perfect drink to sip under a warm blanket while watching some classic holiday movies. Bailey has a very sweet and creamy taste that pairs effortlessly with hot chocolate, as well as many other beverages!





Kahlua is a type of liqueur you may already be familiar with considering it’s the number one best-selling coffee liqueur around. At a bar, Kahlua is most commonly used to make black and white Russians, but you can enjoy it at home too! The list of cocktail recipes online using Kahlua seems to be endless, so there’s no harm in trying a few out. 





This liqueur begins with toasted hazelnuts and the end result has notes of vanilla and cocoa in every sip. The sweet taste of Frangelico is great alone, on the rocks, or in a variety of mixed drinks. 

Regardless of what your favorite cocktail typically is, it’s time to change it up and give liqueur a shot! These flavorful drinks are a great way to add sweetness and rich flavor to a mixed drink without compromising on the alcohol content. Be careful though, they’re so good you might forget just how much alcohol you’re drinking! There are many more great liqueurs out there that aren’t on the list so don’t be afraid to branch out once you’ve conquered a few of these! 

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