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Three Historic Ways to Serve Linguine

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Three Historic Ways to Serve Linguine

Americans love pasta, and they have Italy to thank for this favorite dish. With just about any combination of sauces, meats, and ingredients, a simple pasta noodle can become a decadent meal you’ll want to eat every day of the week. It’s impressive that a single dish can be prepared so many ways, and like other versatile foods, pasta is a product of the place from which it came. A favorite pasta variation in the United States is linguine. There are a lot of ways to prepare pasta, but let’s talk about three ways to cook linguine that keep in touch with the pasta’s history and origins.

Serve with Seafood

In Liguria, the coastal region of North-Western Italy in which linguine originates, seafood is abundant. Even today, cuisine is a huge reason why its capital, Genoa, is a popular place with travelers and tourists. Some specialties of the area include muscles, squid, and shrimp. It’s a big reason why this area pasta is usually served with seafood today. Tossing shrimp or scallops with linguine and cream sauce is just about as authentic as you can get. If you ever wondered why it’s often served that way, now you know: the region is rich in seafood.

Pasta and Potatoes?

In Liguria, pasta is made by hand, and linguine is no exception. A favorite way to serve the pasta, which only consists of flour and egg, is with potatoes and green beans. It might sound a little odd, because Americans often think of pasta as being paired with a meat and sauce. Nevertheless, authentic dishes in Liguria featuring linguine, potatoes, and green beans date back all the way to the 1700s. Give it a try, even if it sounds a little unorthodox!

Pesto, Please!

Pesto has something in common with linguine, and it’s not that it’s popular in Italian dishes. Actually, pesto also originates from Genoa. It’s rumored that the flavor combination may have been borrowed from India originally, but now, you can attribute the garlic and basil-based sauce to the Liguria region. The sauce is a favorite on everything from pizza to pasta, but to eat linguine in an authentic way, combine the two for a ton of flavor.

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