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What Exactly is Positano Cuisine?

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What Exactly is Positano Cuisine?

Positano is located along the Amalfi Coast where you can gaze upon the beautiful scenic view of the sea, villages, and luscious landscapes. But the coast offers more than just scenery, in it, you can enjoy wonderful dishes made from exquisite ingredients, brought to you by excellent results of thousands of years of culinary refining, in many local restaurants.

For a small piece of land, you wouldn’t think that it would offer an extensive list of different dishes combined with exotic fruits and vegetables. Positano cuisine, a cuisine abundant in seafood and fish, appeals to both meat and cheese lovers.

The Coast on Your Plate

A seafood lover? Perfect! The Amalfi Coast boasts some of the world’s finest seafood cuisine. From shrimps to mussels to fish, you name it! The Positano cuisine serves dishes that are mixed with all this seafood combined fresh ingredients.

A Sweet Escape

What else can you find in this small land? Along the Amalfi Coast, you can find numerous gardens filled with lemons. Because of this, the cuisine offers the world famous limoncello as part of its repertoire. From desserts to delicacies, these golden fruits can be found in the Positano cuisine.


Located in the heart of Boston’s historic North End, Assaggio offers the taste of Amalfi Coast to its customers. From sfizi to its secondi, you can enjoy the Positano cuisine in all its glory! In addition to that, Assaggio has an extensive list of wines and cocktails that you can easily pair with your preferred dish! Call us now or visit our website to learn more.

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