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Red Wine Vs White Wine

//Red Wine Vs White Wine

Red Wine Vs White Wine

Assaggio is recognized as one of the best Italian restaurants in the North End, not only for our fresh cuisine and attentive service but also our massive wine selection. When delving into a hearty pasta dish or a succulent piece of steak, it can be difficult to choose between white or red wine. We are here to provide you with as much wine knowledge as possible, helping you to decide which wine complements your meal at Assaggio.

How Wine is Made

White wine and red wine are made through substantially different processes. When white wine is made, the juice from the grapes is pressed out and only the juice is fermented. Red wine, on the other hand, is made through the fermentation of the grape juice which contains the skin and pieces of grapes.

Solids are removed once fermentation is completed for both processes. Since particles of the grapes are included during red wine’s fermentation, the wine is much redder.

Tannins Higher in Red Wine

Tannins are found in the skin of grapes, seeds, plants, wood, and leaves, and it’s a naturally occurring polyphenol. We actually consume this every day!

Tannin levels are higher in red wine because of the skin used to produce the red wine. The tannins are transferred over to the wine which produces the beautiful, deep red color. The removal of tannins creates a transparent color, hence the transparency in white wine.

Alcohol Content in Red Wine & White Wine

White wine has a lower alcohol content than red wine; this is due to the fermentation process of red wine.  During fermentation, the sugar from the grapes turns into alcohol in the wine.  The high volume of sugar in red wine occurs because wine grapes intended to make red wine are picked at a higher ripeness.  Due to the high sugar levels, there is a much higher level of alcohol in red wine.

Join Us for the Best Wine in Boston’s North End

Now that you understand the core differences between red and white wine, choosing your next drink when dining at Assagio should be simple. If you’re hesitant about which wine to pair with your dinner, ask any one of our highly trained waiters or waitresses. Our wait staff has extensive wine knowledge and will provide you with the best wine options.

If you’re indulging in a pasta dish with tomato sauce, opt for a glass of white wine as it works brilliantly with the acidity of the tomatoes. For a seafood dish, we highly recommend ordering  Pinot Grigio. This wine also works beautifully with pasta which includes garlic or cheese. White wine is your best bet for pasta and seafood while red wine is highly desired when ordering steak, lamb or pork.

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