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Steak Cuts That Are Perfect for Spring

//Steak Cuts That Are Perfect for Spring

Steak Cuts That Are Perfect for Spring

Yes! The outdoor season is back, and you know what that means! Spring is the perfect time to spend the days outside, open a keg, bring out those wines, grill some meat, and have a party. You might have a preference when it comes to your steak but if you are willing to expand your selection, here are a couple more options for you!

  1. Ribeye Steak

Ahhh the ribeye steak. Perhaps, arguably, the finest cut ever. This type of cut offers the best combination for a big, beefy, flavorful steak! Whether you want it boneless or bone-in, ribeyes are perfect candidates for the grill.

  1. Strip Steak

Also famously known as New York Strip or Top Loin Steak, the strip steak is a great contender for the ribeye cut. Although the meat is not as tender, the strip steak makes it up by packing in a more intense flavor for your beef. It also has a bone-in version, although not as common, and it’s called a club steak.

  1. Tenderloin Steak

If you prefer your meat to be extremely tender, this type of cut is perfect for you! Although the downside of having the most tender cut? The flavor isn’t as great as the other cuts. Also, because of its lower fat content, this type of cut can get a little bit dry.

  1. Porterhouse Steak

Probably one of the more expensive cuts out there, especially if you are eating it in a restaurant, but you can definitely enjoy this cut in the cheaper side if you buy and cook it at home. The porterhouse is a cross-section of the beef short loin, part of the ribeye, and a part of the tenderloin on the side.

  1. T-Bone Steak

A bit similar to the porterhouse cut, but the difference is that they are cut slightly higher on the short loin resulting in less or no tenderloin muscle attached. With that being said, because it is cut a little bit higher, the ribeye portion is slightly more tender than the one in a Porterhouse cut.

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