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Up and Coming Wine Trends

//Up and Coming Wine Trends

Up and Coming Wine Trends

Whether you’re a wine expert or a newbie just looking to enjoy the taste, there’s always plenty to learn about the art of wine. Trends and flavors are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the current market, but what does that look like in 2019? While there’s no surefire way to predict what types of wine will make the best sellers list by the end of the year, winemakers and experts have their fair share of predictions. More often than not those predictions turn out to be surprisingly accurate, so it’s worth taking a look at!

Red Blends

Consumers are seeking out a good value of taste and price when purchasing wine, whether at home or in a restaurant. Red blend wines are some of the best value wines on the market, specifically Chardonnay and Riesling. A growing trend in 2019 among growers is planting Cabernet Franc at high altitudes and so far, the wine experts have been loving the results.

Light Bright Reds

Light, bright red wines are often associated with a Pinot Noir, but areas in Greece and South America have begun crafting new alternatives. These new blends in the light bright red family are more palatable and inviting to the beginner wine lover. We still expect to see the Pinot Noir to reign as one of the most popular blends, but it now has a bit more competition.

Site Specific Rose

Rose wines are one that has always maintained a high level of success, but in 2019 they’ll be seeing a slight change. Many consumers are leaning more and more towards sight specific rose wines, such as those from Australia and Portugal.


Riesling wines are known to pair well with a large variety of food, but their high price tag steers many away. In 2019 we’re expecting to see a sudden drop in their price as the larger groups of crops are harvested. The lower price tag will inevitably lead to an influx in popularity.

Low Alcohol Wine

Wine with a lower alcohol content has begun to gain popularity with consumers. People are trying to reframe wine as a drink with a meal, rather than a stand-alone cocktail that it’s become in recent years. As consumers continue to create more thoughtful drinking habits, we expect to see a wine with lower alcohol content become the expected norm.

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