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Planning That Date Night

//Planning That Date Night

Planning That Date Night

I know, I know. Dates are already hard as it is. But planning a date night during winter is something different. You have to be mindful of the forecast on the chosen date and make sure what you are actually planning to do is possible on that day. Although this is the case, we still want to take our significant other out on a date. Lounging and stuffing your faces with pizza and ice cream is always an option but it is always good to get out of the house, especially if you live in a city like Boston, as it has a lot to offer, no matter what the season is!

Energy-Filled Date

As I said earlier, there is a bunch of things to do in Boston. Don’t want to go on that cliché dinner and movie date? Well, why don’t you try going to a speakeasy bar? There are a handful of speakeasy bars across the greater Boston area. You can also try and knock down some pins in places like Brighton Candlepin bowling or an upbeat place where you can dine, drink, and play like the Lucky Strike Social in Somerville. There’s nothing like adding a friendly competition to spice up that date.

Artsy Date

What about challenging each other through art and history? Boston is a place with a lot of history and appreciation of art. Why not take a nice stroll, assuming there is no blizzard happening, along the Freedom Trail and digest the history of the place? You can also plan your date around museums since there is a handful of them in Boston. Museum of Fine Arts offer free entrance to the museum every Wednesday after 4pm, so your date doesn’t even have to break the bank! In addition to that, it’s a perfect place to stroll around for hours with hurting your face from the cold.

Classic Date

If it all comes to dates, there is always the timeless classic dinner and movie date. You can tell a lot about a person judging the movie he/she watches. Why not pick a movie both of you will enjoy that way you already have something to talk about over dinner? This way, you can avoid those awkward silences. Picking a restaurant for this classic date is kind of important since you will be spending a huge portion of your night in this place.

You can pick a restaurant like Assaggio down by the North End where you can expect to be served mouthwatering meals while basking in the romantic atmosphere of the place. Plan that perfect date night and make a reservation now!

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