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What is Blush Wine?

//What is Blush Wine?

What is Blush Wine?

At Assaggio in Boston’s North End, we are well recognized for our wide selection of wines, cocktails and beer.

Along with our extensive alcohol selection, we serve classic Italian dishes which truly complement our expertly-chosen wine selection.

Blush wine (or rosé) is a pink hued wine with two French variations – Vin Gris and Saignee.

During the Vin Gris process, the black grapes are skinned, lightly pressed and fermented to create a sweet, pale pink wine.

With the Saignee, red skinned grapes are macerated for a short period of time to create the perfect color and depth prior to the fermentation process.

Due to the wide-range of options, blush wines come at all different prices, ranging from $7 to over $80.

Characteristics of a Blush Wine: 

  • More body than a light wine
  • Light with crisp flavors
  • Typically floral & fruity
  • Perfectly balanced alcohol, sugar, & acid
  • Not as powerful to drink as red wine

What Foods Should I Pair with Blush Wine?

A dry blush or rosé wine works great with dishes that include cheese, fish, shellfish pasta and spicy dishes.

Some other foods that pair perfectly with blush wines include:

  • White pizza
  • Summer soups
  • Egg dishes
  • Salads with chicken and fish

Sweeter blush wines are usually incorporated into cocktails and taste delicious with fresh fruit plates, desserts, and fresh cheeses.

At Assaggio, we offer a vast selection of wine including rosé and blush wines, including a delicious Cerasuolo Fantini Farnese 2016 or indulge in a glass of Montepulciano Fabiana 2016.

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